Our 5 member Business Development team consists of professionals in the Legal, strategy and sales verticals.  We understand In-Licensing, Out-Licensing how registrations for the US, and global markets.  From US ANDAs;  Emergining market Pharma submissions; Nutraceutical formulations; or Clinical Trials, we have experience to get deals done.

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Our professional Operations team has 15+ years experience in manufacturing Ingredients, small molecules, and international project management.   We believe in thinking creativiely and innovatively to insure that our production and operations meet customer needs. We are familiar with strict time-lines and dealines for the pharmaceutical industry and are actively involved in interfacing with the marketing and supply chain management team



Our Science Team and affilliated partners have over 25+ years business experience in Pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, and Regulatory Affairs having created over 50+ CTD dossiers for over 30 countries and 360 product formulations.  Our Team is responsible for compliance activities of all API and successfully managed a number of DMF filings with US, Europe.   

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LODAAT or “Live One Day At A Time” is an American science based firm founded in 2007 with the objective to provide the world’s best generic pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, botanical ingredients, and therapies. Our quest to research health and wellness secrets  has resulted in unique formulations, proprietary manufacturing processes, and programs.


We are an innovation-based Pharmaceutical firm.  The paradigm shift of implementing US technology with leading emerging market partners to produce the highest efficacy and stability of ingredients and pharmaceutical products in a scientific methodology has been the inspiration behind the launch of LODAAT. 


Our experienced Regulatory staff is experienced in Global Regulatory affairs with USFDA, UKMHRA, INVIMA, WHO-GMP, EU-GMP, TGA, GCC-MOH and other regulated market standards.  Our expertise is in  Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Microbiology and Research and Development of Fermentation.  Our team includes Medical Doctorates with postgraduate in internal medicine, expertise in pharmaceutical manufacturing, and leadership in formulation development.