Science TO SUPPORT claims

Many of our Ingredient extracts are supported by Academic and government sponsored clinical trials including Double Blinded Placebo Controls.  We develop exclusive Clinical protocols and conduct Trials for our customers.

ON-time delivery

quality with timely delivery

LODAAT prides itself on stringent quality controls with expedient delivery.  Our ingredients are all Made-To-Order.  We stock some of the best selling raw materials so our customers will not have production and delivery issues.


wide range 

Major therapeutic categories

We have all major Therapeutic categories and have designated ingredients into 8 Lifestyle classifications including Sports Nutrition, Aging support, Cardiac support, Weight Loss, Sexual Health, Lipid maintenance, and Bone-Joint support.



We have invested 3+ years in developing our own Proprietary extraction process. 

AY-THERMOGENISYS  is our proprietary process based on Pharmaceutical CMC, ICH and GMP guidelines.  Our Goal is to provide the best quality ingredients.


working with Growers

We work with growers and have Fair-Trade Certification.  Many ingredients also have Kosher, Halal, and US Organic certications.  We utilize traditional Ayurvedic growing cultivation techniques with modern processes.

research & development

r & D lab

Our lab capabilities include: wet lab, instrumentation lab, and microbiology section. Formulation development for blends as well as compression products is part of the process.  We pride ourselves on customization and matching Specifications.


WE MAKE THE World's Best Ingredients

LODAAT manufactures the world's best ingredients for the food, beverage, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries.  We have developed our own proprietary Botanical Extraction Process which we term AY-THERMOGENISYS™.  This process incorporates ICH and WHO-GMP guidelines;  Traditional organic growing and cultivation processes; and 21st century extraction technologies to produce the World's best quality branded ingredients---We know that quality ingredients help our customers Build Strong Brands.

Our branded ingredients are supported by Clinical Trials including Double-Blinded-Placebo-Controls that are peer-reviewed and published.   LODAAT works with leading CROs and reputable academic institutions. 

Click Here for Listing of some of our botanical ingredients: