increasing your production capabilities

research & development Lab

Our India based lab capabilities include: wet lab, instrumentation lab, and microbiology section. Formulation development for blends as well as compression products is part of the process.

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ANDA- Submission products

We can supply CTD Dossiers for submission.  We also supply  semi-finished DC granules in Pellet format for easy encapsulation and tabletization.

Technology transfer 

WE help you develop the highest quality 

LODAAT works with leading manufacturers to produce the best quality innovative products.  

With our designated partners, we also have over 10 years building USFDA compliant pharmaceutical and nutraceutical facilities and can assist in all areas of a Turn-Key buildout.  

Our goal is to insure that our customers can manufacture the highest quality products that pass all local regulatory submissions. 


Facility build-out 

We have a team which has developed WHO-GMP and USFDA facilities. We use surveys, interviews, and observation to conduct a comprehensive case study and Project plan analysis audit.  Upgrade your facility to the highest regulatory standard.

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